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VillainROM 1.1 for Samsung Galaxy S 2

VillainROM 1.1 for Samsung Galaxy S 2

So... An XWKE7 based VillainROM, I hear you wanted? Well... Here it is. It's taken a while, but I hope it's been worth the wait. It's fairly optimised, system should be a good bit smaller. There's a few quirks, which I'll explain below...

First, the usual disclaimer... 
/** You were the one who flashed this ROM. That means if you mess it up, you can only blame yourself. This ROM is tested and working on another device, but yours might be special. It might not like you, or it might want to kill your cat. So keep your cat away from your phone when testing, and be sure you know what to do in the event of problems.
So, without further ado, you will want to know how to flash this? Well, you need to use ODIN to flash this. You flash it as a PDA image. NOTHING ELSE should be checked. NO PIT, no nothing. JUST a PDA. This is a .tar.md5 file, so it will be verified before installing, to prevent corrupt downloads causing trouble. But I still suggest you check the MD5 of the file manually, just in case...

You can get ODIN from this link 
ad42527ec4fa78b485bbe33895b61c73  VillainROM-SGS2-V1.1.tar.md5
So, to the ROM itself, it is based on XWKE7, should be rooted, and has a few tweaks in place to make it easier for me in future to make modifications to ROMs. 

So... You made it this far? You want the link? OK. Fine 

Click here and enjoy

File is 404 MB.

Features of the ROM:

ROM itself is rooted
XWKE7 deodexed firmware
Fully resigned
Optimised APKs for speed and size
Stock "touchwiz"
No bootsound
Busybox added

More I've forgotten about...

Warning. This ROM will wipe your data partition after flashing. Carry out a backup before you install it. You will have to reinstall applications again, and restore settings and accounts after installing. This is due to a change in the ROM signatures used. Android can't cope without a wipe when we do this. 

Due to the lack of recovery image for now, an init.d script is used. It is run only once, and deletes itself. 

By installing this ROM, you understand and accept that it will remove everything on /data, including apps, settings, and messages, and you MUST back up anything you want to keep before installing. 

If you wish to return to a stock ROM, you must enter recovery (home + power + volume up), and wipe user data, then turn off the phone by long pressing power. Then enter ODIN and flash your stock ROM.


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